Sweet Briar Riding announces 2019-2020 NCEA, IHSA teams

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Janika Carey

Britt Larson Britt Larson ’22 rides on the Sweet Briar College NCEA team.

Sweet Briar Riding this week announced its National Collegiate Equestrian Association and Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association teams. NCEA competition starts on Saturday; IHSA competition on Sunday.

The NCEA team features Katie Balding ’21, Lily Peterson ’21, Britt Larson ’22, Maggie Fraley ’22, Charlotte Hadley ’22 and first-years Kacie Freeburg, Sophie Kane and Maggie Saunders. Executive Director of Riding Mimi Wroten serves as head coach, with Lizzie Fisch as assistant coach.

Competing in Region 4, Zone 4, the IHSA team includes Jade Ashley ’20, Maddy Favre ’20, Chandler Fox ’20, Isabel Joyner ’20, Oliva Kolenda ’20, Sarah Miller ’20, Lauren Helber ’20, Mckenzie Michiels ’20, Abbey Narodowy ’20, Ellyn Narodowy ’20, Amber Snyder ’20, Erin Snyder ’20, Kaitlin Duecker ’21, Hannah Inman ’21, Madeleine McAllister ’21, Hannah Neal ’21, Chloe Kerschl ’22, Jen Markey ’22, Weatherly Ryder ’22, Jenna Steinle ’22, Caroline Waters ’22, Cammee DeFelippo ’23, Jayde Greenwood ’23, Shannon Huth ’23, Sarah Lloyd ’23, Lauria McShane ’23, Sita Moses ’23, Madigan Nugent ’23, Marina O’Toole ’23, Anne Rucker ’23, Madeleine Rucker ’23 and Leighann Sims ’23. Lizzie Fisch serves as head coach, with Phillip Williamson as assistant coach.

The NCEA team opens its season at home on at 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, against Fresno State. Next Friday, Sept. 27, they will travel to Georgia for an 11 a.m. meet. More NCEA events are at vixenathletics.com.

The IHSA team will be at Christopher Newport University at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22. For all upcoming IHSA and other riding events, visit sbc.edu/events.