Admissions Blog: A day in the life of a student-athlete

Posted on April 26, 2019 by Sydney Campbell ’22

One Love
Welcome to the life of Sydney Campbell. I am a first-year lacrosse player at Sweet Briar College; this photo blog will take you on journey of the day surrounding our big rival game against Hollins University.

Morning sky
7:30 a.m.: I wake up every morning and take my dog, Leo, for a walk to start my day. Sweet Briar’s beautiful campus makes the early mornings worth it.

8:30 a.m.:
I am a mathematics major and biology minor, so I spend almost all of my time in Guion, the academic hall that houses STEM courses. Today, I have Biology, Calculus II and Statistics.

walk to lunch
Noon: After class, I am able to enjoy Sweet Briar’s lovely campus as I walk to Prothro for lunch. Typically, I walk with my friends to lunch!

Sydney and Victoria
12:30 p.m.:
My teammate Victoria Lawson (right) and I were able to have lunch together in Prothro before our game against Hollins University!

Dog on campus
2 p.m.:
After class, I like to take some time to decompress and get myself ready for lacrosse practice. Typically, I take Leo to the dell to play fetch!

Team lacrosse
4 p.m.:
Before games we talk about team and personal goals for the day. Following that, we say our chant — “Sweet lax on three!”

One Love
7 p.m.:
Today’s game was dedicated to the One Love Foundation, so we took a photo after the game with the foundation’s banner. Let’s go, Sweet!

8:30 p.m.:
Even though I had a busy day today, I am still able to get my homework done!

Being a student-athlete at Sweet Briar has not only shaped my first-year college experience, but it has given me friends and mentors that I will have for the rest of my life. I have watched my team and me grow over this year, and I am looking forward to growing even more over the next three years.

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Sydney Campbell
Sydney Campbell ’22 is a mathematics major with biology and music minors. She is a defender on the varsity lacrosse team and a member of the Dining Committee. She hopes you enjoyed her photo blog!