Admissions Blog: How a campus job can help you manage your time

Posted on January 18, 2019 by Phoenix Brown ’20

Campus tour Phoenix Brown ’20 leads a campus tour for admissions.

I’m a double major in studio art and archaeology, and I’m also pursuing a B.F.A., so I find myself busy a lot of the time. I work two jobs on campus: I am an admissions ambassador, and I am also a technical assistant in the theater.

As an admissions ambassador, I work at least two shifts per week that consist of two hours each. I usually help write note cards, put together packets or prepare other things for our open houses. I’m also required to host students in my room when Sweet Briar has an open house event. I enjoy working in admissions because I like to meet prospective students and talk about how much I love being here at Sweet Briar. I always have a fun time giving tours, and I like hosting prospective students.

In the theater department, I have a less set schedule. I mostly work only when I am needed: During or before a performance, I come in and help set things up. I also help take everything down afterwards. I’ve helped build sets, hang lights, paint and even do regular cleaning and maintenance of the theater. I like this job because everything I do I would do voluntarily without pay. When I was offered the job, I was very excited because it meant that I would get paid for doing things I already loved doing.

Heathers Phoenix also works in the theater. Seen here: Sweet Briar Theatre’s fall musical, “Heathers”

Working these jobs helps me structure the time in which I study. Because of my rigorous course schedule and numerous extracurriculars, not a lot of time is left for homework. Scheduling everything makes me feel as though I have enough time to get everything done. Having a routine is the number one key to my success. Last fall, I planned out sections of my day dedicated to doing homework for certain classes, and it helped me stay on track for most of the semester. When I got behind from being sick for two weeks, I was able to use my routine to get back on track.

I don’t think I would be as on top of things if I were not as busy as I am. I find that when I have too much free time, I tend to waste it and think “I can just do that later.” Unfortunately, later comes and that’s when I would panic. Having a very structured and thought-out system, however, doesn’t leave time to be lazy or procrastinate. This approach has helped me focus and have a successful semester.

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Phoenix Brown
Phoenix Brown is a junior from Greensboro, N.C. A double major in studio art and archaeology, she’s also pursuing a B.F.A. She’s an admissions ambassador and a technical assistant in the theater program.