Admissions Blog: 5 favorite study spaces at Sweet Briar

Posted on December 14, 2018 by Janika Carey

Raven Minyard in the library The Browsing Room of the library is as popular as ever.

Yes, ‘tis the season: of too much coffee, countless candy bars and endless all-nighters in the library — or wherever it is you’re camping out. Exams are just around the corner, and Reading Day is tomorrow (!). To figure out students’ top five study spaces at Sweet Briar, we posed the question on Instagram. Here are some of the most popular responses. (To find out where previous generations studied, read the comments on yesterday’s Facebook post!)

5. Babcock Fine Arts Center


The music room downstairs seems to be a popular spot to study — though you might need headphones if someone’s warming up for that trumpet final tomorrow. Just sayin’.

4. Fletcher Hall

Fletcher Hall

The building that houses the president’s and dean’s offices is also home to English and creative writing — and a host of comfy classrooms and lounges. Take your pick!

3. Guion Science Center

Guion lab

Non-Guionites may not know that this mid-century building contains more than just chemistry labs and noisy machine shops. Computer labs, classrooms and study nooks offer plenty of room to spread out.

2. Your dorm room

student in dorm

Not surprisingly, many of you like your own cozy, quiet space for a distraction-free study zone. Cuddle up, but don’t get too comfortable!

1. The library

Reading room

While people might disagree just on which part of Mary Helen Cochran Library they like best, it is your No. 1 study spot. Some of you love the mezzanine, while others prefer the Reading Room below. The Harry Potter-esque Browsing Room is also a favorite — and has been for nearly a century. Come in and smell the history!

Curious about all of these places? Take our virtual tour to experience some of Sweet Briar’s 3,250 acres!

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