Admissions Blog: 3 reasons why Sweet Briar is my happy place

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Cailey Cobb ’20

Dairy Loop The Dairy Loop wraps around Sweet Briar’s main campus.

I am a junior at Sweet Briar, and one thing that I have found throughout my time here is that I fall more and more in love with campus each semester. It always amazes me how emotional coming back from summer or winter break can be — mainly because I realize how much I missed Sweet Briar. I was thinking about this experience of coming back and wondering what it was that has me so captivated by this campus and community. There are so many reasons why Sweet Briar has been the perfect fit for me. But to fully appreciate them, I’ve had to be a student. Here are the top three things I love about Sweet Briar.

  1. Family Atmosphere

After going to a small high school and having teachers who cared just as much about how I was doing in class as outside of class, I knew that I wanted that same support system in college. I found it at Sweet Briar. Having faculty and staff who know you by name and know your involvement on campus (and not your student I.D. number, or how many times you have walked into the office with questions) creates a sense of responsibility. I feel a genuine desire to care and support the entire Sweet Briar community, as much as I feel that it is reciprocated!

  1. Scenery

It is no secret how gorgeous campus is … and it shouldn’t be, but I truly am put in awe of its beauty daily. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than driving the Dairy Loop (the gravel road that wraps around the academic buildings, the riding center and Monument Hill) at sunset. I highly recommend seeing for yourself next time you visit campus.

  1. Historical Value

Sweet Briar’s history has a big impact on my love for the College. I feel like I am a part of a greater group of strong, notable women. I know that when I graduate, I will be adding to the strong reputation of our alumnae and academic relevance. Throughout Sweet Briar’s past, excellence and determination have been two values associated with its faculty, students and campus design. I love being associated with that and I feel that it makes me better every day.

Cailey Cobb
Cailey Cobb ’20 is a business major from Tyler, Texas. She served as
orientation chairwoman this year and is vice president of the Student Government Association, a student admissions ambassador and lead resident advisor in Meta Glass.