Admissions Blog: My visit at Sweet Briar as an international student

Posted on July 27, 2018 by Staff Writer

Nathalia Lima Nathalia Lima visited Sweet Briar in January.

Last semester, international student Nathalia Lima from Brazil spent a few days visiting Sweet Briar to see what makes the small women’s college in Central Virginia so special. Here’s what she found:

  1. Everything at Sweet Briar revolves around building student confidence, so graduates can take on the world.

    Students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities such as leadership clubs, community service activities, sports and personal projects.

  2. Sweet Briar women learn the value of being authentic leaders.

    Students are strongly encouraged and supported to thrive and succeed as their true selves, without sacrificing their identities.

  3. Sweet Briar is a competitive environment and students grow from that competition.

    They are driven to become better people and achieve higher standards in their academics — and eventually their careers.

  4. Sweet Briar amazed me with its beautiful, inclusive and resourceful campus.

    There is a place for everyone! Students are encouraged to become participants in Sweet Briar traditions, building school pride and community.

  5. Sweet Briar’s culture is rich in values and history.

    This experience has impacted my perspective on women’s relationships forever. The faculty, staff and Sweet Briar community really made me feel at home. I felt welcomed and safe, but most importantly, inspired by the women I met.

Nathalia Lima is a Brazilian student studying graphic communication and mass communication at Bluefield College in the U.S. She loves photography and traveling and hopes to work with both after she graduates in December 2018. Besides photographing, she spends her time volunteering, studying and working as an intern at Liaison America.