Admissions Blog: My 5 favorite campus tour spots

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Caroline Thomas ’19

Sweet Briar House Sweet Briar House is a favorite spot for Caroline Thomas when she is giving campus tours.

Over the course of my time as an admissions ambassador, I have given many tours, but every tour is always a little different because I base it on the visiting students and their interests. The tour always reminds me of how lucky I am to be receiving a stellar education in a place that never grows old. Although I love the entire tour, I have five favorite places that I always enjoy stopping at and talking about.

  1. The Quad

The quad is one of my favorite spots because of its aesthetic vibe and the many traditions that are held there. During the fall, the leaves are changing and falling and physical plant blows them into huge piles, allowing students to summon their inner child and jump into them — and away from their looming midterms. During the winter months, the Freshman Hitching Post and Sophomore Rock are covered in layers and layers of paint by our many campus organizations. Every year, commencement is held here in the quad, and I can almost picture next year, when I walk across the stage and receive my diploma. It is a day I both dread and delight in.

Quad at Sweet Briar The quad is the site of many traditions at Sweet Briar, including Lantern Bearing.

  1. The Library

Mary Helen Cochran Library is one of my favorite places to go into when I am on tour because the architecture is breathtaking. Its large glass windows and natural light allow for students to study anywhere in the building. The café area, which is open 24/7, is filled with couches and vending machines for coffee and snacks. The crown molding of the Reading Room displays apples, daisies and the Sweet Briar rose, which all hold significant meaning to the College.

Library and students The library is a favorite spot for many Sweet Briar students, including Caroline.

  1. The Fitness and Athletics Center

I may be biased because I am a dual-sport athlete, but I love showing people the inside of the Fitness and Athletics Center. The field house is home to an inside practice area and an elevated track. The Robertson Recreation Lounge is a nice place to relax and hang out with my teammates after a morning in the Red Room, which is the workout room designated for varsity athletes. It is also a good place to sneak in a bit of work before practice in the afternoon.

Fitness and Athletics Center The Fitness and Athletics Center by night

  1. The Show Room in Meta Glass Hall

The show room in this residence hall is a vital element of our tour. It is important for prospective students to see where they would be living during their first year of college. Although I have never lived in Meta Glass (which is where all first-years live), it is certainly something that I feel I missed out on. The building has a kitchen on each of the three floors, laundry in the basement and is connected to Prothro, so if it is raining, you’ll never have to get wet or cold to get breakfast!

Meta Glass Meta Glass is the first-year residence hall at Sweet Briar.

  1. Sweet Briar House

And last, but certainly not least, pausing at Sweet Briar House is always a joy when giving a tour. This is the original home of our founder, Indiana Fletcher Williams, and the second floor is home to the president of the College. The house is a perfect shade of yellow that stands out from the green of the trees that surround it. It is a daily reminder of the history that encompasses our campus.

Caroline Thomas
Caroline Thomas is a dual-sport student-athlete from Appomattox. ​A business major with a minor in journalism, new media and communications, Caroline is the Class of 2019 president and the student admissions ambassador vice-chairwoman.