Sweet Briar ranked among ‘top 250 colleges with lowest student loan debt’ for parents

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Amy Ostroth

Graduation 2017
Paying for college can be a confusing and expensive proposition for students and their parents, but not at Sweet Briar College.

Last month, the College was recognized by Student Loan Report for helping its students graduate with a manageable amount of private student loan debt. Now, the College is being recognized for helping parents, too. Student Loan Report has ranked Sweet Briar at No. 167 in their list of the top 250 college with the lowest student loan debt for parents. This time, Student Loan Report focused exclusively on Parent PLUS loans — that’s student loans taken out by parents to pay for their child’s education.

Sweet Briar’s affordability for students and parents will only get better with its upcoming tuition reset, which will make the College’s cost transparent and predictable, while lowering the overall cost of tuition. For more information, visit sbc.edu/reset.

Sweet Briar is also being recognized for its academic excellence, having been ranked among Forbes’ top colleges for 2017. Combining strong academics with great affordability means that Sweet Briar College will continue to be a great choice for young women and their families.