Senior dance majors showcase works as they prepare for bigger stages

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Jennifer McManamay

Katrina Buniak and Ruth Packard will present a Senior Dance Concert at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24 and 25, in the upper dance studio at Babcock Fine Arts Center. The event is free and open to the public.

Buniak, who plans to audition for dance companies around the U.S. and abroad after earning her B.A. in dance, says there’s no theme underlying her works; for her, it’s more about physicality.

“I like to show strength and gracefulness in my dances,” she says. “One of my pieces focuses on contact improv. I love to push limits and invent new movements.”

Packard will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in dance and minor in creative writing in May. She is applying to graduate programs for next year. She, too, would like to dance professionally and to teach some day, she says. She is reprising both solos and group pieces from previous concerts as well as creating new ones for the senior show.

“Centennial,” a solo she will perform herself, is one of the older works. Set to “Seduction” by René Aubry, Packard says it was the music that inspired the dance.

“I get my inspiration from the music a lot of the time. It gave me a sense of timelessness and tradition, which is why I chose the title ‘Centennial,’ ” she said, noting she created the dance in spring 2015, when it looked like the College might close.

It is Packard’s favorite of all the solos she’s choreographed at Sweet Briar, she says.

“Hopefully the audience will feel as inspired and excited about this piece as I am, but also perhaps it will stir some of the timelessness I feel about it.”

For more information, contact Mark Magruder at or (434) 381-6150.