Sweet Briar’s credit rating from S&P Global Inc. jumps by three levels, reflecting improvements in enrollment, management and long-term planning

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Staff Writer

S&P Global Inc. has raised Sweet Briar’s credit rating by three levels to B and gave the College a stable outlook.

According to Bloomberg, the upgrade reflects confidence in the College’s ongoing stabilization of enrollment and changes in management as well as expectations of a new strategic plan for Sweet Briar.

Sussan Corson, the primary analyst at S&P for the College, is cited in the Bloomberg article: “We raised the rating based in part on our Not-for-Profit Public and Private Colleges University Methodology and our view of the current leadership’s efforts to restore sustainability after previous announcements of closure.”

Also according to the article, “S&P would consider raising the rating during the one-year outlook period should Sweet Briar continue to stabilize enrollment, control endowment spending, and establishes its long-term strategy and management continuity.”