Academic awards honor Sweet Briar students at Founders’ Day Convocation

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Staff Writer

The following academic scholarships and awards were presented to outstanding Sweet Briar students at the College’s 2016 Founders’ Day Convocation on Friday, Sept. 23.

  • Jessie Schuster SGA president and senior Jessie Schuster received several awards.

    The Emilie Watts McVea Scholarship: Holly Evelyn Rueger ’17, Kathleen Allison Hurley ’18 and Rachel Elizabeth Moser-Hardy ’19

Each year, the College recognizes academic achievement by conferring upon the highest-ranking member of each class the honorary title of Emilie Watts McVea Scholar, a designation that bears the name of the second president of Sweet Briar College.

  • The Alumna Daughter-Legacy Scholarship: Samantha Jay Schwartz ’18

Established in 1974 by the board of the Alumnae Association to honor an alumna legacy student in either the junior or senior class who has demonstrated, while at Sweet Briar, the traditions of sound learning and social responsibility, which have characterized the alumnae of the College since its founding

  • The Nancy Godwin Baldwin ’57 Scholarships: Hannah Casey Beall ’17, Marina Renee Biel ’18, Jordyn Linsay Elliott ’17, Rachel Michelle Higgins ’17, Jessie Ruth Schuster ’17 and Baylee Anne Worth ’18

Awarded for the first time in 2015 in memory of Nancy Godwin Baldwin ’57 for her dedication and service to her alma mater for 54 years. The scholarship is awarded to students who have made major contributions to the school and community through their leadership and demonstration of academic excellence.

  • The Mary Kendrick Benedict Award: Marina Renee Biel ’18

Established in 1945 by former students, colleagues and other friends of Mary Kendrick Benedict, the first president of Sweet Briar College, to honor an upperclasswoman of high academic standing and personal integrity who has shown a purpose for service in her college experience

  • The Jean Besselievre Boley Award: Lydia May Gullicksen ’18

Established by the parents and husband of Jean Besselievre Boley of the Class of 1935, to encourage interest in creative writing. The prize is awarded to the student submitting the best short story entered in the annual competition.

  • The Laura Buckham Book Award: Bryanna Nirwana Colvin ’18 and Arienna Rebecca Groves ’18

Bestowed upon rising juniors who are French majors in recognition of their excellence in the language

  • The Julia Sadler DeColigny Award: Jessie Ruth Schuster ’17

An annual prize to outstanding majors in music and English in alternate years

  • The Kenmore Scholar: Susan Page Bingham ’17

Representing the continuation of generations of commitment to excellence in education, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman and their daughters and sons-in-law established the Kenmore Fund at Sweet Briar in 1975. The scholarship is awarded to a student who is recognized by the faculty of the government program for academic excellence.

  • Kiley Jolicoeur ’17 Kiley Jolicoeur ’17 received the 2016 Rebecca Tomlinson Lindblom Award.

    The Rebecca Tomlinson Lindblom Award: Kiley Mineko Jolicoeur ’17

Established by the Rev. William L. Lindblom in honor of his wife. The award is given to a student or students who demonstrate academic excellence in philosophy and religion, as well as in the application of their principles to daily living.

  • The Manson Memorial Scholarship: Jessie Ruth Schuster ’17

Established by the alumnae in memory of N.C. Manson Jr. to give recognition to an upperclasswoman of high academic standing who shows qualities of leadership and makes a constructive contribution to student life.

  • The Irene Mitchell Moore Scholarship: Janetta Louise Green ’17

Established by Mrs. Moore, Class of 1942, this scholarship is awarded to students of the Center for Civic Renewal who intend to pursue careers in public service with a goal of fostering the habits of effective citizenship engagement.

  • The Loren Oliver Award in Studio Art: Mary Stuart McDevitt ’17

Established by Mary Jane S. Oliver Hubbard in memory of her husband who served as professor of studio art from 1958 until his retirement in 1993. The award is presented annually to a senior studio art major who excels in creative productivity and promise.

  • The Rickards Award: Caroline Margaret Thomas ’19

Established in 1974 by Frances Murrell Rickards, Class of 1910, in memory of her son, who died in World War II, and her husband, this award is given to one or more members of the rising sophomore class who best demonstrate potential for leadership, academic excellence and community involvement, which have distinguished the College throughout its history.

  • The Mary MacKintosh Sherer Award: Emily Blair Hawk ’18

Established by friends of Mary MacKintosh Sherer to recognize a rising junior who is a leader and scholar and who demonstrates the outgoing and cheerful qualities long associated with Mary MacKintosh Sherer

  • The Lucile Barrow Turner Award: Amber E. Boyer ’17

This annual scholarship is presented to a senior majoring in music or drama.

  • The Lucile Umbreit Award For Excellence in Music History: Kelsey Elizabeth Sowers ’17

This award is presented only when an outstanding candidate is nominated by music faculty.