Nonprofit Quarterly applauds Sweet Briar College’s new bylaws and calls on others to follow

Posted on May 31, 2016 by Staff Writer

An article published by Nonprofit Quarterly today praises the Sweet Briar College Board of Directors for its revised bylaws, which call for more inclusion and collaboration with the College’s various stakeholders.

“The new board needed to demonstrate clearly that it was a different kind of governing body — one which recognized that the power of the stakeholders to revolt when necessary could also be the power to sustain,” the article states.

“Our purpose in sharing [these bylaws] is to allow you to consider how your board might create some of the same kinds of systems of inclusion to build a stronger and more protected organization.”

Sweet Briar’s board of directors released the new bylaws during its final meeting in April. Among other changes, the bylaws establish that Sweet Briar College is a trust — a crucial element in the court case that saved the College from closing last summer — and divert power away from the executive committee by launching a number of working committees made up of students, faculty, staff and alumnae.

Read the full NPQ article here.