Five cool campus clubs you might want to join at Sweet Briar

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Janika Carey

At Sweet Briar College, it’s all about the community and the traditions, and it all starts with our students. From century-old tap clubs to brand-new interest groups or academic organizations, Sweet Briar students shape and participate in every aspect of campus life. This week, we’re highlighting five of our most popular community/education clubs.

  • GLOW-student
    You don’t have to fit a label to be a part of GLOW (Gay, Lesbian or Whoever), the LGBTQ+ group on Sweet Briar’s campus. A welcoming and safe space for LGBTQ+ students and allies alike, the 27-member club works to promote acceptance by sponsoring events around campus, such as LGBTQ-themed movie nights, meet-ups with GSAs from local colleges, and chalking positive messages around campus.

  • French Club
    French Club:
    Parlez-vous français? These women do, and they’ll be happy to include more Francophiles in their weekly activities, which range from French movie nights to sampling French cheeses or whipping up scrumptious crêpes for the community. The 18-member club has also helped to promote the French Film Festival in Richmond.

  • Pinterest-square
    Cooking Club:
    If you’re going to cook, you might as well do it together. Whether you’re hoping to master your very first dish or that new, exotic recipe you found on Pinterest, there’s no better time to experiment than now. Anybody with an interest in cooking or baking is welcome in the Cooking Club. Members improve their skills and serve the community through various events — a few times each semester, the club prepares an “appetizer night” or “breakfast for dinner.” This semester, Cooking Club members are working with the Business Seminar to bake cupcakes for their “Consent Cupcakes” event, and they often help with Relay for Life events.

  • MSU
    Minority Student Union (
    MSU): This 18-member club advocates for diversity and inclusion on campus and represents the interests and concerns of minority students. MSU is open to anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or linguistic barriers, and welcomes all those who are passionate about the need for diversity and discussion. Regular MSU meetings allow members to voice their personal concerns or plan events for the club. MSU events this semester have included a movie night and a forum on nigrescence.

  • Sweet Dancers
    Sweet Dancers:
    Get your groove on with the Sweet Dancers, a ballroom dance club that teaches basic to slightly advanced dance steps, including the swing, waltz, salsa and tango. Sweet Dancers travel to neighboring Virginia Military Institute most Fridays for a joint dance lesson. Club president Ashley Federico and the cadet in charge spend the first hour teaching dance steps; everyone else selects a partner to practice. The second hour is all about fun, with a free dance session featuring songs from each of the dances taught that evening. Watch this video to learn more!