President Stone featured in Chronicle interview

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Staff Writer

President Stone sat down with The Chronicle’s Steve Kolowich recently to talk about the challenges Sweet Briar has faced, the many successes the community has celebrated since July, and the path it is continuing to forge toward a bright, sustainable future.

International recruitment and a much broader fundraising effort are key to ensuring the College will be around — and thriving — for many generations to come, Stone said. He is not, however, looking to make significant changes to Sweet Briar’s core mission: educating women in a single-sex environment.

“I have no intention to propose it,” he said. I don’t think the alumnae want to change it. Obviously, leadership in the future has to decide, but I would never make that recommendation. I’ve been president of a coeducational college — there are lots of us — lots of coed colleges. Some of those go under. There’s no silver bullet in being coed.”