SBC president, chairwoman take questions at town hall meeting

Posted on February 05, 2016 by Janika Carey

Alumnae, faculty, staff, students and Amherst County community members packed into The Conference Center this afternoon for the College’s first town hall meeting.

This was just one of many to come, said Chair of the Board Teresa Tomlinson, who answered questions alongside Sweet Briar College President Phillip C. Stone.

“This is your show. This is for you,” Tomlinson announced, adding that the board of directors would be sure to make note of everyone’s concerns.

“We really want to hear from all of you,” Stone said. “Nothing is off limits — we may not be able to answer it, but nothing is off limits.”

For the next hour or so, questions ranged from what the plan might be for the College’s 3,250 acres to accommodating more international students to whether there could be staff or student representatives on the board of directors. What did the record application numbers mean, and was there a written marketing plan, or a branding initiative underway?

For answers to these questions, and the many others that came up during the meeting, please watch the full video below.