Seniors present ‘Flux’ dance concert

Posted on December 01, 2010 by Staff Writer

Sweet Briar College senior dance and psychology majors Meagan Oliphant and Betsy Saccenti will host their senior dance concert at 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 4 in the upper dance studio at Babcock Fine Arts Center.

As Oliphant and Saccenti begin to transition into the next chapter of their lives, they are reflecting on the relationships they have developed through the years. “The continual flow and change, the fluctuation, of those who surround us is the theme for the evening,” Saccenti said.

Saccenti describes Oliphant’s movement as elegant and refined, with each limb always reaching its full extension. “Every dance is like reading a poem,” she said.

Oliphant said she her chorography illustrates a friendship, an individual striving to relate to herself, and the fixation a group of people can develop toward their surroundings.

Saccenti said the audience is always foremost in her mind when she designs her choreography. Her pieces will take a humorous approach to a theme of family dynamics and use physical theater to convey how individuals relate to each other when thrown into an uncomfortable situation. Saccenti will also perform a hula, bringing to light how a culture interacts with its environment.

Oliphant and Saccenti said every relationship has its own unique nature, as does every dance in “Flux.” They’re looking forward to presenting their work, but even more so to developing a relationship with their audience.

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