Tenth annual MARCUS is Oct. 11

Posted on September 25, 2008 by Suzanne Ramsey

The 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship — also known as MARCUS — will be held Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Florence Elston Inn & Conference Center at Sweet Briar College.

More than 100 undergraduate students from colleges and universities in Virginia and surrounding states will participate in the conference, including 20 from Sweet Briar. Students will present papers and posters on research topics in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies.

To apply, students must submit an abstract of their research online and may choose an oral or poster presentation. Faculty members also may participate.

Sweet Briar students presenting include the following:

  • Victoria Trudeau ’11, “Canadian Collage: The Fictional Art of Elaine Risley and the Canadian Artists Who Inspired It”

  • Cynthia Roden ’10, “Economic Determinants of Suicide Rates: A Study of U.S. Counties”

  • Caroline Sapp ’09, “The Cycle Continues: Tribal Policies in Iraq: 1880-1930”

  • Britt Patterson ’09, “Layers of Time: The Use of Secrecy and Construction of Knowledge in Dogon Art”

  • Kirsten Porter-Stransky ’09, “The Effects of Olfactory and Visual Cues in Maze Learning in Rats”

  • Kimberly Shrader ’09, “A Second Helping: Sociocultural Connections Between HIV and Nutrition”

  • Petra Dacheva ’09, “Commercialization in Microfinance — A Study of Profitability, Outreach and Success Factors within the Latin American Context”

  • Doreen McVeigh ’09, “Genomic Imprinting in the Canine”

  • Elizabeth Zuckerman ’09, “This Mortal Coil: Bringing Ophelia (Back) to Life”

  • Megan Behrle ’09, “Beyond the Gold: an Analysis of the 2008 Olympics Through a Historical and Political Context”

  • Laura Hanold ’10, “3(2H)-Furanones: The Synthesis and Photochemical Study of Potential COX-2 Inhibitors”

  • Katelyn James ’11, “Developing an Experimental Process for Studying the Effect of Electrets on Gas Flow”

  • MaryAnne Haslow-Hall ’11, Kelly Mauri ’10 and Sara Sheppard ’10, “Sweet Briar Energy Audit Final Report”

  • Carolanne Bonanno ’09, “Reviving Alternative Photography: The Bromoil Process”

  • Nikki Pham ’09, “Long-term Ecological Research on Forest Composition”

  • Laurel Watts ’09, “Politics in the City of Churches: The Political Engagement of Christian Congregations in Lynchburg, Virginia”

  • Jessie Waitt ’09, “The Variation and Distribution of Placoid Scales in Chain Catsharks and its Significance in Taxonomy”

  • Maxine Emerich ’10, “Design of a Six Degree-of-Freedom Articulated Robotic Arm for Manufacturing Electrochromic Nanofilms”

Registration for student participants is closed, but faculty, non-presenting students and guests may still register online until Friday, Oct. 3. Lunch is included with registration, but only for those who register by the Oct. 3 deadline. After that date, you may register at the door but lunch is not included.

For more information or to register for MARCUS, visit the conference Web site.