Olivera’s fifth book published

Posted on August 22, 2008 by Staff Writer

A book of poetry by Sonia Mereles Olivera, assistant professor of Spanish and Latin American studies at Sweet Briar College, was published in July by Amambay Editorial, a publishing house in Paraguay.

Piel de Angel
Titled “Piel de Angel,” or “Angel Skin,” the book deals with the pain associated with loss. “I am a poet,” Olivera writes on her Web site. “I aim for clarity and accessible poetry. Communication is my main goal, as I strive to reach the reader, to accompany a life journey, to help in any way, to provide solace.”

Olivera, a Paraguayan who writes in Spanish under her maiden name, Mereles, has taught at Sweet Briar since 2007. “Piel de Angel” is her fifth book; her sixth, “Cerranon las puertas” (“They Locked the Doors!”) will be released in a few months.

Her books have been published in Europe, the United States and South America and distributed in both the Americas and Europe. Her fourth book, “En tu mundo deshabitado” (“In Your Desolate World”), was featured at the 2007 Madrid Book Fair.

Olivera won her first poetry contests as an elementary and high school student, and studied to be an architect before leaving Paraguay to study literature in Spain. While in Europe, “Volviendo a Omega” (“Returning to Omega”), which she calls her “fondest book,” won a poetry prize.

She is working on her seventh and eighth books, one of which is based on critical research of Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal, a subject of her first book. For more information on Olivera and her books, visit her Web site.