Golden rice: why has it been banned and what happens now?

Research Professor of Environmental Science Glenn Stone was interviewed by The Guardian’s podcast “Science Weekly” on the battle over golden rice.

Posted on June 07, 2024

Dr. Glenn Stone Dr. Glenn Stone
The Guardian
says, “A court in the Philippines has banned the commercial growth of golden rice, a genetically modified rice which was created to help tackle vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. It’s just the latest twist in a long and controversial journey for this rice. Ian Sample hears from the Observer science and environment editor, Robin McKie, and from Glenn Stone, a research professor of environmental science at Sweet Briar College in Virginia who is also an anthropologist who has studied golden rice, about why it has taken so long for this potentially life-saving technology to reach the fields, if it is the silver bullet so many had hoped for, and whether this ban is really the end of the story.”

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