Lisa Jordan Powell

STEM Division Head, Director of the Center for Human and Environmental Sustainability, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Agriculture

e: | p: 434-381-6166 |

o: Guion Science Center | A102

B.A. | Mathematics, Harvard University
M.S. | Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
M.A. | American Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D. | American Studies and Sustainability, University of Texas at Austin

Professor Powell is an interdisciplinary scholar of environments and food systems, whose research, teaching, and program development work weaves together her training in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, as well as her life-long involvement in her family’s farm. In her role as Director of Sweet Briar’s Center for Human and Environmental Sustainability, Professor Powell collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities on sustainability initiatives. She leads the academic and community-focused aspects of SBC’s agricultural areas, including the greenhouse, apiary, vineyard, garden, and forests. She also supervises the amazing teams of students who work in the greenhouse, apiary, and garden both during the school year and as Willits Summer Food Systems Fellows.

As a researcher, Professor Powell pursues a range of questions that all ultimately address human-environment relationships, most frequently in the contexts of food systems, policy, land use, and education. She supervises student research on a broad range of topics related to agriculture, food, and the environment. While she is always eager to discuss new ideas students have for research projects, she also welcomes conversations with students who are interested in joining ongoing projects on agricultural and food literacy education; local- and regional-scale environmental policy; adoption of new crops and crop production technologies; and Virginia beverage and food tourism.

Courses Taught

ENVR 385:  Food and Environments in the U.S. South

ENVR 382:  Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

ENVR 215:  Environmental Policy

ENVR 446:  Evaluation of Environmental Issues

ENVR 201:  Agricultural Operations

CORE 140:  Sustainable Systems

AGRI 421:  Leadership in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Certificate Seminar

ENVR 356:  Natural Resources Management


Selected Journal Articles:

Italicized = student co-author


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Lisa Powell joined the Sweet Briar College faculty in January 2020.  Prior, she was working in British Columbia, Canada, on research focused on strengthening regional food systems, agricultural land use policy and planning, adoption of new technologies in the agri-food sector, diversification of fruit and vegetable production and food literacy education.  She served as coordinator of Think&EatGreen@School, a university program supporting food literacy education and access to healthy and sustainable food for K-12 students.  

Prof. Powell has an active role in the management of her family’s farming operation in Kentucky, focused on grain production and soil and water conservation.