Lynn Marie Laufenberg

Associate Professor of History, Pre-law Advisor, Director of Leadership Core, Virginia at Oxford Contact

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B.A., Classics | Northwestern University
M.A., European History | Cornell University
Ph.D., Medieval Studies | Cornell University

Dr. Laufenberg covers pre-modern history (ancient to Scientific Revolution), US and international legal systems (US and international), social/gender history, and archival research. Her classes stress how knowledge of the past helps students understand the foundations of the modern world, whether through hands-on exploration of ancient/medieval construction and engineering (“Building the Past”) or the development of western criminal law (“Crime and Punishment”) She serves as Pre-Law advisor, Director of the Leadership Core, and contact for the Virginia at Oxford Program. Her research focuses on crime, law, and marginalized groups in medieval and Renaissance Italy. She is currently investigating the re-emergence of slavery in medieval Florence.

Courses Taught

HIST 104, “Medieval Heroes: Myth or History?”

HIST 120, “History of the British Isles”

HIST 143, “Early Modern Europe, 1350-1650”

HIST 209, “Pre-modern Slavery”

HIST 214, “Building the Past”

HIST 223. “The Ancient World”

HIST 224, “Martyrs, Crusade, and Plague”

HIST 258, “Crime and Punishment in the West”

HIST 268, “Special Topics in Law & History”

HIST 308: “Encounter, Conquest, Exchange: Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, 1250-1650”

HIST 321, “Topics in Medieval Studies”

HIST 322, “Topics in Renaissance/Reformation”

HIST 452, “History Senior Seminar”

DART 123, “The Smithsonian: Art, Science, and History on Stage”

CORE 140, “Sustainable Systems”

CORE 210, “Contemporary Ethical  Questions”