Md Golam Rosul

Assistant Professor of Engineering

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o: Guion 05

Md Golam Rosul Photo taken on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022.

B.S., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia

Md Golam Rosul is a professor of Engineering at Sweet Briar College. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2015. After his graduation, he worked as a lecturer at Daffodil International University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2022. His research interests are in computational material science, solid-state thermoelectric and thermionic devices.

Courses Taught

CORE 170 - Decisions in a Data-Driven World

ENGR 120 - Foundations of Engineering Analysis
ENGR 125 - Intro to Computer and Data Science
ENGR 205 - MATLAB Programming
ENGR 221 - Electrical Circuits
ENGR 325 - Semiconductor Physics/Devices
ENGR 341 - Mechatronics


Book Chapter:

Md Golam Rosul, Md Sabbir Akhanda, Mona Zebarjadi, Thermionic energy conversion, IOP Publishing, 2020


Journal Articles:

Md Golam Rosul, Xiaoming Wang, Keivan Esfarjani, Mona Zebarjadi, Low-resistance contact in MoSe2-based solid-state thermionic devices, Phys. Rev. B 105, 115412 (2022).


Md Golam Rosul, Mona Zebarjadi, Effect of electron-phonon interaction and ionized impurity scattering on the thermoelectric properties of bulk MoSe2. J. Phys. Chem. C 2022, 126, 35, 15011–15018


Tianhui Zhu, Peter Litwin,Md Golam Rosul, Farjana Ferdous Tonni, Stephen John McDonnell and Mona Zebarjadi, Transport Properties of Few-Layer NbSe2 : from Electronic Structure to Thermoelectric Properties. Materials Today Physics 27 (2022) 100789


Rasin Ahmed*,Md Golam Rosul*, Yin Xu, Mona Zebarjadi, Giovanni Zangari, Morphology and Seebeck coefficient of Bi2Se3 films electrodeposited on Au (111) substrates, Electrochimica Acta, 368 (2021) 137554 (*Equal contribution)


Naiming Liu, Tianhui Zhu,Md Golam Rosul, Jon Peters, John E Bowers, Mona Zebarjadi, Thermoelectric Properties of Holely Silicon at Elevated Temperatures, Materials Today Physics, 14 (2020) 100224


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