Nathaniel Webb Smith

Assistant Professor of Economics

e: | p: 434-381-6355 |

o: Benedict 212

B.A. Michigan State University

M.A. University of Delaware

M.A., Ph.D. George Mason University

Nathaniel Smith teaches macroeconomics, international trade, and economic history. His research explores the relationship between government and the entrepreneur, the entrepreneur’s interaction with trade policy, and market economy institutions. 

Professor Smith’s research on Henry Ford’s Five-Dollar Day and Trade Policy is published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. His current projects include an economic analysis of Anglo-Saxon institutions, King Alfred’s recoinage, Trade as a Peace Project, and a public choice analysis of steel tariff exemptions.

In Professor Smith’s free time he enjoys hiking and playing strategy games with his wife and son and daughter. He also coaches his son’s lacrosse teams and is an avid runner. 

Courses Taught

Core 180 - Dollars and Sense

Econ 202 - Macroeconomics

Econ 252 - Money and Banking

Econ 258 - International Trade

Econ 262 - Survey of Economic History


Alert-Judgment: Ford’s Entrepreneurial Five-Dollar Day (Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 2021)

A Robust Analysis of Trade Policy: the Chicken and Softwood Lumber Wars (Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, 2022)

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