Annika Kuleba 2022

Annika Kuleba '22

Major: Environmental Science and Economics, Leadership Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

“Never underestimate the power of women. A woman can do anything she puts her mind to.”

Where is she now?
Graduate school at Clemson University studying natural resources, sustainable agriculture, and pollination conservation

On a campus panel for visiting dignitaries during the opening of the campus’ 26,000 square-foot greenhouse, Annika took questions about the apiary and environmental studies. In her words:

“What an opportunity! Annika Kuleba from Endy, North Caroline was talking with a U.S. Senator and a White House cabinet member! It was one of the highlights of my Sweet Briar education!….Professors are willing to take the time to help and open doors for students. They opened doors we did not even know we had access to.”

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