Mirgen Shametaj

Adjunct Instructor

e: mshametaj@sbc.edu |

o: Benedict 206

Shametaj excavating in Butrint, Albania.

B.A. Public Administration, Eqerem Cabej University, Albania

M.S. Archaeology, University of Tirana, Albania 

Mirgen Shametaj joined the faculty in Archaeology and Ancient Studies after decades of archaeological field experience in both the academic and private sector. Shametaj teaches courses related to the history of archaeology, archaeological sub-disciplines, field methods, and introductory surveys of the art and archaeology of the Graeco-Roman Mediterranean.

Courses Taught

ARAS 105 - The Ancient Mediterranean Laboratory

ARAS 225 - The Ancient World in 12 Objects

ARAS 265 - The Archaeology of Everyday Life