Gregory Huey

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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o: Guion A206

Greg Huey

B.S. University of Florida, Physics, 1995

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Physics, 2000

Ph.D. University of California-Irvine, Mathematics, 2022

In 2000 I got my first PhD in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania with Prof. Paul Steinhardt, in the field of high-energy cosmology - concerning overcoming theoretical hurdles and facing experimental tests. After that I was a postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary College in London, UK. While there, I broadened my research in theoretical cosmology, working with Prof. James Lidsey and Prof. Reza Tavakol. At UIUC, working with Prof. Ben Wandelt, I continued my theoretical research. I chose to return to graduate school to for a PhD in mathematics in 2014. While taking math courses at UC Riverside to prepare, I had the opportunity to work with Prof Larry Harper on a project in phyllotaxis. At UC Irvine I studied algebraic geometry and number theory. In my thesis project with Prof. Vladimir Baranovsky, titled “Obstructions to Deformation Quantization of Bundles”, we found a previously unknown obstruction class. I also had the opportunity to do research in combinatorics with applications to quantum information theory, and in probabilistic number theory. In the future I hope build upon and expand my current research at the interface of mathematics and physics.

Courses Taught

Math 205 : “Applied Statistics” 

Math 123 : “Calculus I”

Math 124 : “Calculus II”


• “Obstructions to Deformation Quantization of Bundles”V. Baranovsky and Greg Huey, in preparation

• “On the Distribution of a Marginal Block Count of a Noncrossing Partition”Greg Huey and Joseph Squillace, in preparation

• “Computational Evidence for Arratia’s N Divides MP Conjecture”Greg Huey and Joseph Squillace, in preparation

• “Symmetry-Breaking in Plant Stems”Larry Harper and Greg Huey, submitted to arXiv: submit/4069025

• “CMB Likelihood Approximation for Banded Probability Distributions”E. Gjerløw, et al, ApJ 777 150, astro-ph/1304.0315

• “Planck 2013 Results. XII. Diffuse Component Separation” Planck Collaboration, A&A 571, A12 (2014), astro-ph/1303.5072“Polarized CMB Likelihood Approximation from a Set of Posterior Samples”Greg Huey, et al, (In preparation)

• “Planck 2013 Results. I. Overview of Products and Scientific Results”Planck Collaboration, A&A 571, A1 (2014), astro-ph/1303.5062

• “Bayesian Analysis of White Noise Levels in the 5-Year WMAP Data”N. E. Groeneboom, et al, ApJ.702:L87-L90,2009, astro-ph/0904.2554

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• “Estimation of Polarized Power Spectra by Gibbs sampling”D. L. Larson, et al, ApJ. 656:653-660,2007, astro-ph/0608007

• “A Comprehensive Approach to Resolving the Nature of the Dark Energy”Greg Huey, astro-ph/0411102

• “Interacting Quintessence, the Coincidence Problem and Cosmic Acceleration”Greg Huey and Benjamin D. Wandelt, Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 023519, astro-ph/0407196

• “The CMB Power Spectrum from the Background Emission Anisotropy Scanning Telescope (BEAST) Experiment”BEAST collaboration, Accepted to ApJ Supplements, astro-ph/0312610

• “Precision Primordial He^{4} Measurement from the CMB”Greg Huey, Richard Cyburt and Benjamin D. Wandelt, Phys.Rev. D69 (2004) 103503, astro-ph/0307080

• “Inflation and Braneworlds: Degeneracies and Consistencies”Greg Huey, James E. Lidsey, Phys.Rev. D66 (2002) 043514, astro-ph/0205236

• “Quintessence and Variation of the Fine Structure Constant in the CMBR”Greg Huey, Stephon Alexander and Levon Pogosian, Phys.Rev. D65 (2002) 083001, astro-ph/0110562

• “Robustness of the Quintessence Scenario in Particle Cosmologies”Greg Huey, Reza Tavakol, Phys.Rev. D65 (2002) 043504, astro-ph/0108517

• “Inflation, Braneworlds and Quintessence”Greg Huey and James E. Lidsey, Phys.Lett. B514 (2001) 217-225, astro-ph/0104006

• “Cosmological Mechanisms for Stabilizing Moduli”Greg Huey, Burt A. Ovrut, Paul J. Steinhardt and Daniel Waldram, Phys.Lett. B476 (2000) 379-386, hep-th/0001112

• “Resolving the Cosmological Missing Energy Problem”R. R. Caldwell, R. Dave, Greg Huey, Paul J. Steinhardt and Limin Wang, Phys. Rev. D59 (1999) 063005, astro-ph/9804285

• “Parametric Resonance in an Expanding Universe”Ivaylo Zlatev, Greg Huey, Paul J. Steinhardt, Phys.Rev. D57 (1998) 2152-2157, astro-ph/9709006

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