Student Leader Resources

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Event Planning Forms


All student events and trips, both on-campus and off-campus, must be pre-approved by the Student Events Committee. Please submit the appropriate form (found below) at least two weeks prior to your event date, if not earlier.  Proposals will be reviewed by the Student Events Committee at their weekly meeting on Thursday afternoons at 4 p.m. Proposals sent after this time will be reviewed at the next week’s meeting.


Student Event Proposal – for on-campus social events, community service projects, speakers, dell parties, boathouses, etc. hosted by clubs, organizations, communities or class officers. Regular meetings of these groups do not need to be pre-approved.


Off-Campus Student Event/Trip Proposal – for off-campus events and trips organized by clubs, organizations and communities including off-campus service projects, social trips and attendance at conferences.


ICC Club Activities Reporting Form – This form should be submitted by clubs and organizations that fall under ICC’s umbrella within 48 hours after an event occurs. This report will go on file showing successful completion of ICC-required events. An event will not be marked as successfully completed without the submission of this form.


Posting Policy

All student-created flyers for events, programs or other endeavors must be approved by the Office of Student Life before posting around campus. Please email flyers you would like approved and printed to for review. Once approved, Student Life will print copies for you to pick up and post.

Please review the full posting policy here.


Additional Resources

Heritage Celebration Series – The Multicultural Center developed this guide to assist student organizations and departments in their efforts to plan programs that they would like to be included in the Heritage Celebration Series (HCS).