Sweet Briar College cares about the safety and well being of all of its community members. To better open the lines of communication between students, faculty, staff and even our external community members, we have created referral forms to make sure that the information you have to share gets to the right person. Please select the appropriate referral form below, and click on the link provided.

These referrals are typically checked during regular business hours. If your situation is an emergency, please contact Campus Safety directly at 434-381-6111.

Midterm Academic Progress Report

Report academic or personal concerns about students at any time during the semester through this form. Reports submitted through this form are shared with the Assistant Dean for Student Success and Accessibility Services, as well as the Dean of the College and Dean of Student Life. Although this form is primarily for academic purposes, personal information about students can also be shared through this form.

To submit a Midterm Academic Progress Report, click here.

Incident Reporting Form

Use this form to submit potential violations of the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct. These reports will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Life. The Dean of Student Life, in coordination with the SGA Chief Justice and judicial committee, will investigate and adjudicate these incidents.

This form can also be used to submit concerning or disturbing student behavior to the Dean of Student Life, Dean of the College, Residence Life Manager and Director of Campus Safety to be reviewed by the Behavior Assessment Team.

To submit an Incident Report, click here.

Student of Concern Form

This form provides an avenue for faculty, staff, students and other community members to refer disturbing, concerning or suspicious behavior to the Dean of Student Life, Dean of the College, Director of Campus Safety and Residence Life Manager. Referrals provided through this form will be shared with the Behavior Assessment Team for review. Upon review, the Behavior Assessment Team will implement a variety of interventions to better support our community members. Common referrals include threats to self or others, suicidal ideation, anger problems, substance abuse, violence, anxiety, stress, traumatic life events and more.

To submit a Behavior Assessment Team referral, click here.

Written Complaint Report

Sweet Briar College has specific processes for students to seek resolutions to issues they have experienced about any aspect of their academic or student life. Students should use this form to submit a formal written complaint so that the complaint can be investigated and resolved in a timely, professional manner. These reports are shared with the Director of Human Resources, Dean of the College and Dean of Student Life.

To submit a Written Complaint form, click here.

Bias Reporting Form

Sweet Briar College is committed to creating a safe and welcoming campus environment for all community members, regardless of race, religion, ethnic/national origin, gender, gender identity, age, ability or sexual orientation. If you have experienced a bias incident involving a campus community member, please use this form to submit a report. This will allow the College to investigate the issue and appropriately respond to these types of incidents. Submitted reports are reviewed by the Dean of the College, Dean of Student Life and Assistant Dean for Student Success and Accessibility Services.

To submit a Bias Report form, click here.

Title IX Reporting Form

This form is designed to provide students, employees, vendors, visitors or others with an online method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s) of sexual misconduct and/or retaliation. This form should be used to report concerns pertaining to or possible violations of Sweet Briar College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, including but not limited to sexual misconduct, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation and/or sexual harassment.

To submit a Title IX Report, click here.

Residence Life Incident Report Form

This form should only be used by Resident Advisors when submitting reports related to their residence hall and issues encountered during evening rounds or while on-call.

RA’s needing to submit an incident report to the Residence Life Manager, click here.