Multicultural Center

Honoring and engaging our multicultural and historically marginalized community members.

Hanging out in the Multicultural Center

A space…

To be.
A dedicated space on campus for students of color, minority faith practices and historically marginalized identities. You can find space to study or relax, coffee and treats, as well as information about upcoming events and activities.
To find resources.
A curated space filled with a library of books written by diverse authors, healthcare and wellbeing resources for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students, as well as faith-based books and prayer items.
To connect.
A common space for Sweet Briar’s Multicultural Communities and Council to meet and plan events.

Daisy’s Closet Mutual Aid Network

Found in Reid Pit, Daisy’s Closet is a gender-affirming space for students to shop for clothing, shoes or riding clothing in exchange for donated items such as canned goods, period products, personal hygiene items or school supplies. Business casual, professional wear and formal attire is available to be borrowed and returned. Find our hours here.

Donations may be left in the hamper located outside of Daisy’s Closet.

The Multicultural Center coordinates Sweet Briar’s Heritage Celebration Series, a campus-wide effort aimed at building a more inclusive and welcoming community for historically marginalized students. The series also provides opportunities for diversity and inclusion learning to take place outside of the classroom.