Student Team

Meet our Trip Leaders!

Renée Taylor

Renée Taylor is a senior from Winterstown, Pennsylvania. The outdoors has always been a big part of Renée’s life and she pulls a lot of her inspiration and aspirations from those experiences. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include camping trips, kayaking, and shredding the slopes on a snowboard. Renée is involved in multiple club boards across campus and plays soccer and lacrosse for Sweet Briar. It is certainly always a pleasure to be outside in nature; rain, shine, and even snow.


Lily Terwilliger

Lily Terwilliger ’23 is a double major in business and environmental science. She is also a part of the Honors program. She is on the cross-country team and is a resident advisor. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, paddle boarding, and climbing. She looks forward to any outdoor excursion that involves some sun and adventure!


Samiha Binta (Aisha) Sorrower

Aisha Sorrower is a rising international junior from Bangladesh. She loves solo traveling and exploring nature; she wishes to go on a world tour in the future. Now, as an outdoor program leader, Aisha wishes to explore the beauty of the United States along with leading others. One fun fact about her: She can speak five different languages. She is also the President of the Muslimah Students Association.


Alexi Hunt

Alexi Hunt is a senior from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. She grew up appreciating the outdoors when mountain biking with her family and exploring with her dogs and horses. Some of her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and wakeboarding. At Sweet Briar, Alexi likes to spend her time on the campus’s beautiful trails with her dog River. She enjoys continuing to gain skills and knowledge through the SBC Outdoor program as well as getting students outside and interested in birds as the president of the SBC Audubon Society Student Chapter.


Maimuna Mustafiz

Maimuna Mustafiz is a rising international junior from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her love for nature started from a young age when she and her mom used to take trips around the country. Now, as an Outdoor Program Leader she is hoping to explore more around Virginia and be better at rock climbing. She has also taken up the role of an At-large Senator and the social chair for Girls Who Code club at Sweet Briar. Her hot take is ketchup is the worst thing that has happened to mankind.


Lillian McKay

Lillian Mckay is a senior from Norfolk, Virginia, majoring in Psychology. She grew up spending most of her time outdoors riding horses, hiking, and exploring nature. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, hiking, camping, and swimming. On campus, you can find Lillian walking her dog, Ann, on the trails or sitting in the jump field soaking up the sun.


Ceili Allder

Ceili Allder is a second-year student from Caldwell, West Virginia, majoring in Biology and probably Dance (if Betty Skeen manages to persuade her). She enjoys summers full of camping under the stars, hiking to beautiful swimming locations, kayaking the river, and riding bikes on very flat gravel paths because she is a silly little gal who doesn’t like riding on hills. On campus, Ceili likes to wander around the woods with her friends trying to find little streams and berry bushes. She despises ticks and fleas that bite her after walking beneath the trees and through rolling fields. She is excited to become familiar with more trails around Sweet Briar. Ceili also serves as a Justice but would much rather get to know you through the Outdoor Program.