Apply to Join the Team

Whether you are new to the outdoors, or want to build upon your existing experience, we welcome you to apply to be a part of the Sweet Briar College Outdoor Program.
The apprenticeship is a semester-long process where you will get to know the ins and outs of our program while shadowing existing trip leaders on outings as well as in the office. You will receive outdoor skills training for each type of trip we offer. You will also learn how to plan, prepare and execute trips while managing the wellbeing of participants. Once completed you can be offered a position as a trip leader!
The role of trip leader is a paid campus position that will allow you to share your love of the outdoors with fellow students. Whether it is right here on campus, or across the state (outside the pink bubble), you will be able to create experiences and opportunities for people from every level of outdoor involvement. As a trip leader, you are a steward of our natural environment and have the platform to teach and share how to carefully explore wild spaces.
At the heart of this program, we teach and value communication, community building and leadership skills that will support you in any field. If this speaks to you, here is the apprenticeship application link: