Student Government Association (SGA)

Students share ideas and concerns at the weekly SGA Senate meetings

As outlined by the Student Government Association constitution, every student at Sweet Briar College is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA).

SGA functions similarly to the U.S. government and is structured into three branches: Executive Board, Senate and Judicial.

The role of the executive board is to actively listen and advocate for student needs and they hold open meetings to do so. Judicial interprets our SGA constitution and handles cases relevant to the Honor Code. 

The Sweet Briar Senate convenes weekly to listen to community concerns, brainstorm potential solutions and meet within their committees. All students are welcome to attend and share any concerns and/or ideas they have for the continued improvement of our student experience. 

The work of SGA is accomplished through SGA Committees like the Inter-Club Council, Multicultural Communities Council, Campus Events Organization and Academic Affairs Committee, as well as through their weekly Senate meetings. SGA also approves funding from Student Life fees for student events, advocates for student’s needs and works with faculty and staff to represent the student body. 

“SGA’s purpose is to advance the spirit of loyalty to the College and its undertakings. We promote the highest standards of honor and integrity in all phases of college life.”
Student Government Association Constitution