Campus Events Organization

The Campus Events Organization (CEO) is the main event planning and programming group for the student body. Our goal is to create and host engaging campus events, for a variety of interests, as a way for students to make connections, destress and engage with the community. We also host signature special events such as Oktoberfest, Winter Formal and Spring Fling.

Meet the 2022-2023 Executive Board
  • President - June Alomari ’24
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs - Julia Jessen ’24
  • Vice President of Finance - Paula Cortes ’24
  • Chair of Collaboration - Maddie Swartz ’24
  • Vice-Chair of Collaboration - Ava Rockefeller Campbell ’25
  • Chair of Off-Campus Trips and Events - Jean Plymire ’23
  • Vice-Chair of Off-Campus Trips and Events - Halle Moore ’25
  • First-Year Representatives - Carlina Christy ’26 and Eleanor Yeatts ’26
  • Advisor - Jess Austin, Director of Student Engagement


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