Clubs & Organizations

Whoever you are, there’s a place for you at Sweet Briar.

Members of Taps 'n Toes perform at Quad Rocks.

Members of Taps 'n Toes perform at Quad Rocks.

Students at Quad Rocks representing the QV tap club.

Students at Quad Rocks representing the QV tap club.

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club

Riding Council

Riding Council

Student Clubs and Organizations 

From special interest groups to multicultural communities, century-old tap clubs and academic organizations, Sweet Briar students build the world they want to see. We are writers, performers, athletes and activists. We are citizen diplomats and mental health advocates. We celebrate our identities and create connections that stay with us long after we have left this special place. If there isn’t a club that fits, you can always start a new one! Whether taking on a leadership role or supporting as a member, there’s a place for you.

Special Interest Clubs

College Republicans - This club is for and dedicated to those who are interested in keeping up with politics concerning the Republican Party or are interested in conservative values.

The Crafty Vixen - The Crafty Vixen encourages resourceful crafting by utilizing recycled materials and everyday objects to create meaningful art pieces and crafts.

En Garde (Fencing Club) - En Garde is dedicated to providing a safe environment to learn, practice fencing and strive to accomplish building community within the student body through fencing.

Riding Council - Riding Council promotes equestrian lifestyle on campus. Members of this group are selected for their skill and knowledge of riding.

Sweet Dancers - Connected with colleges like Hampden-Sydney and VMI, Sweet Dancers provides Sweet Briar students the opportunity to learn various dance styles such as ballroom and swing.

Sweet PEA’s (Peer Educators and Health Advocates) - Through their awareness events, this club is known for promoting physical and mental health education across campus.

Young DemocratsThis club represents Democratic students on Sweet Briar’s campus, creating a safe space for students who identify with the Democratic party or students who wish to learn more about the Democratic party. Young Democrats also aims to educate all Sweet Briar students on politics and elections.

Academic and Professional Clubs

Audubon Society - A nationally recognized society dedicated to conserving the natural environment for the well-being of birds and people. Audubon Society participates in avian observation, or bird-watching.

Sustainability Club - The Sustainability Club’s focus is to facilitate discussion around Sweet Briar sustainability as a whole, to contribute to bettering the surrounding environment and to foster genuine interest and initiative in enjoying and protecting natural resources.

Multicultural Communities

Black Student Alliance (BSA) - BSA is dedicated to promoting, uplifting and educating about the black experience and culture on campus.

Culture Club - The aim of this group is to share international cultures and identities with the Sweet Briar community.

Delight Ministries - Delight’s mission is to invite college students into a Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability while growing, serving and learning together.

GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whomever) - Gay, lesbian or whoever (GLOW) is Sweet Briar’s LGBTQ+ organization. They advocate for sexuality, gender and marginalized identity rights, as well as host fun educational events across campus.

LatinX - LatinX provides a meeting place for all cultures to come together, celebrate LatinX tradition and cultivate a community of understanding on Sweet Briar’s campus.

Muslim Student Association (MSA) - A safe space for students to develop an educational and informative outlook of Islam that helps to address and eliminate misconceptions of the religion today.

Club Sports

Indoor Field Hockey - A club organized for students to play the sport and is open to all. If you’re looking to play, but want a less formal avenue than being on the varsity team, this club might be for you!

Media Organizations

Red Clay (Literary and Visual Arts Magazine) - You don’t have to be an English and Creative Writing major to take part, as everyone is invited to submit works or assist with assembling the semester’s edition. Be sure to keep an eye out for their signature Poetry and Pie events!

Step Singing Tradition Step Singing Tradition

Tap Clubs

Tap clubs are Sweet Briar’s version of sororities. Joining one of our 11 tap clubs, called tapping, is typically a boisterous, exciting event during which the tap club’s song can be heard throughout campus. Current members choose new members, and each club has its own process. Tap clubs are a longstanding Sweet Briar tradition and members share a common interest.

  • Aints ‘n’ Asses - The Aints ‘n’ Asses are Sweet Briar’s in-house comedy tap club. Every year they produce sketch comedy shows, which are open to Sweet Briar students, to satire and parody on-campus events and any topic they deem worthy of comedy. Their rival is Paint ‘n’ Patches.
  • BAM - BAM is a dedicated tap club for anonymous community service. They spend their time collecting dishes, delivering Valentines to students and writing positive messages on mirrors. They do not have a rival.
  • Bum Chums - Bum Chums are a mysterious tap club dedicated to campus culture, community well-being and the respect of tradition. They wear sacred bells on select days and host the Bum Bazaar, an annual vendor fair. Their rivals are the QVs.
  • Chung Mungs - Known as the “friendly ghosts,” Chung Mungs are a secretive tap club known for their contributions to fun, light-hearted campus activity. They host trick-or-treating for the children on campus and love their ghostly traditions. Their rivals are Tau Phi.
  • Earphones - Known across campus for their loud voices, as well as their personalities, the Earphones tap club spread spirit and encouragement wherever they go. Their rivals are the Sweet Tones.
  • Falls on Nose - Because they “fall on their nose” to help others, this tap club promotes helping others and being a good friend. Their rivals are Taps ‘n’ Toes.
  • Paint ‘n’ Patches - Sweet Briar’s theatre society is Paint ‘n’ Patches! This tap club supports all theatre productions on campus, such as main-stage and black box productions, senior projects and other performance-based art. Their rival is Aints ‘n’ Asses.
  • QV - Although no one but the members of this tap club know what QV stands for, everyone knows them as kind and friendly members of the Sweet Briar community. This tap club is dedicated to bonding their class through selfless acts. Members of this club are voted for at the end of their first year by classmates. Their rivals are the Bum Chums.
  • Sweet Tones - The Sweet Tones are Sweet Briar’s acapella group. Members of this tap club are known for their beautiful voices and sonorous singing. They hold auditions every semester and encourage all members of the community who have a passion for vocals to audition. Their rivals are the Earphones.
  • Taps ‘n’ Toes - Get dancing! Taps ‘n’ Toes is the tap club honoring dancers and dance technicians for their ability to bring joy to Sweet Briar’s campus through the art of dance. Their rival is Falls on Nose.
  • Tau Phi - This tap club organizes projects and events to promote the intellectual growth of the college. They are best known for Tau Phi talks, during which members will present on special topics. Their rivals are the Chung Mungs.

Student Government

Comprised of an Executive Board and 22 elected Senators, SGA shapes the student experience at Sweet Briar and advocates for student interests.