How do I access my SBC accounts?

Please refer to the informational links on our Services and Support page.

How to reset my password/s?

Your SBC Email and SBC Online Services accounts are two separate accounts that share the same username and original password.

SBC Email & Canvas:

  • After you log into your email, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner under settings, then click “See all settings” and follow these steps:
  • Click the Accounts tab, then Google Account settings in the top block
  • Click on “Security” on the left-hand side
  • Under Signing in to Google, click the arrow to the right of Password
  • Enter your New password, then Confirm new password
  • Click the Change password box

If you changed your SBC email password, it also changed your Canvas password, but it DID NOT change your SBC Online Services (mySBC, Sweet Briar wifi) password.

SBC Online Services (mySBC, Sweet Briar wifi, Microsoft Office 365):

If you do not know your password, use Option 2.

I’m not able to access my SBC Email account on a different device, it’s asking me for another code or contact our system administrator.

If you accessed your SBC email on an iOS device, it didn’t prompt you to enroll in 2 Step verification. The easiest way to enroll in 2 Step verification, contact the Help Desk at helpdesktickets@sbc.edu to request an additional 8-digit code. Once the codes are available, access your email account on a computer, it will prompt you for the 8-digit code, if it doesn’t prompt for the 8-digit code, select the “Try another way” link.

Once in your SBC email, it will prompt you to enroll in 2 Step Verification, which is mandatory. It will prompt you for your password again, then step you thru adding your mobile number for 2 step verification (This process is not complete until you receive the prompt to “Turn On” the 2 Step verification).

Now whenever you access your email on a different device, you will be prompted via text or gmail prompt (depending on how you setup your verification).

How do I get my free subscription of Microsoft Office 365?

Email your request to helpdesktickets@sbc.edu.

My computer isn’t working, may I borrow one?

We offer a “loaner” laptop while we diagnose and/or repair your computer, these are for short-term use only (1-2 weeks). The assigned equipment and accessories must be returned to Technology Services within the agreed upon date or when requested by an appropriate College official.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious email?

If you receive a suspicious email, please use the Phish Alert Button to report it. The PAB is a red fish hook located on the side panel of your Gmail page. If you do not have the PAB, please email helpdesktickets@sbc.edu.

Does Sweet Briar offer discounts on computers?

Students, faculty and staff may purchase equipment with an educational discount. Click here to get started.

How to stop good emails from going to my Spam folder?

Create a filter by following these steps:

  • Check your Spam folder to verify that the emails landed in the Spam folder
  • If the email is in the Spam folder, check the box beside the email
  • Select “More” in the upper toolbar above the list of emails
  • Select “Filter messages like these”
  • Verify the from information
  • Check the box if the email has an attachment
  • Select “Create filter”
  • Select “Never send to Spam”
  • Select “Create Filter”

This process will not move the current emails in the Spam folder but will stop any future received emails from landing in your Spam folder.

Need help?

Email helpdesktickets@sbc.edu with your request.