The Technology Services staff maintains an extensive, wired and wireless network that includes all residence halls, classrooms, public spaces and many outdoor locations.


This network is for current students, faculty, and staff. SBC WiFi provides access to internal resources e.g. – internal websites, servers and network printing. Simply log in with your username (SBC Email address without and your Wifi password. If this is the first time connecting to SBC Wifi, please utilize the original password provided to you. If you need that password, please email with your request.

To change your SBC Wifi password, go to, enter your SBC username and the original password you were provided in the bottom blue section.

SBC Public WiFi

This is the network for guests visiting Sweet Briar – limited to or no access to campus internal resources.

Wired Ethernet Connectivity

Every dorm room should have wired connectivity on the bottom of the Wireless Access Point (small white Cisco device).

If you are unable to connect to our wireless network, email or call us at 434-381-6282.

Connecting your wireless devices (e.g. Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick)

If you need assistance connecting your device, please email with the type of device and its MAC, physical or hardware address.


Need help?

Email with your request.